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Cross Fell Challenge Summit
The Cross Fell Challenge is organised by The Rotary Club of Appleby and The Rotary Club of Upper Eden with support from ShelterBox
Cross Fell Challenge
Disaster Relief
Shelter Box
The Cross Fell Challenge supports ShelterBox
In aid of ShelterBox
Register your interest in a future Challenge

No date has yet been set for a future Cross Fell Challenge.

However we are inviting individuals and organisations to
register an interest in participating in a future Cross Fell Challenge.
The level of interest will determine if and when we can repeat the 2009 Challenge.

By registering an interest at this stage you are not committing you or your organisation to
sponsor a ShelterBox. We recognise that your priorities and plans may change before a future Challenge is organised. However we would encourage anyone with an interest in taking up the Cross Fell Challenge in future to register an interest now so that we can assess the viability of
organising another event. We thank you for your support.

To register - contact us.